🧭 Mission

To empower every hacker in the Klein ISD area and support their Promise2Purpose journey.

🔭 Vision

Our vision is to be Klein's most hacker-centric organization; to build a community where students from all backgrounds can come learn and create innovative solutions together.

⚖️ Values

EVERY Hacker.

We are relentless in our mission to empower every hacker. We bring together resources to ensure that students from all different career pathways, backgrounds, and technical proficiencies can come together to innovate, explore, and learn.

Always Learning.

The KleinHacks Team is all about learning! From event management to gathering resources for our hackers, we believe that everyone is capable of learning new skills from every opportunity.

Passions Provide.

We believe in your passions. That's why hackathon hosting is ours! We love seeing hackers unlock their passions and take innovation to a whole new level.

No Challenge Too Big.

KleinHacks has always been here to redefine the impossible. Every year, a new KleinHacks Team takes on every challenge to create the greatest high school hackathon in Texas.